A Home with Renovation and Its Upgraded Look

A Home with Renovation and Its Upgraded Look
Architecture Modern Kitchen Renovation With Wood Tone Style Plus Dim Recessed Lighting And Black Bar Stools Decor A Home with Renovation and Its Upgraded Look
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Can you believe that a single fresh element in an old stuff could blow another new soul into it? Yeah, it is true, and a complete definition of a house in New York shows you something wonderful. It proves how redesigning a house is important to chase both new outlook and nuance as well. Turning out the house design with two giant companies of Good Property and Turret Collaborative Architects, nobody hesitates about the final look. Check the complete design!

A house that takes place in Greenwich Village, New York City, USA, widely applies the concept of sustainable dwelling with perfect use of glass siding to open the indoor nuance to outdoor and vice versa. In addition, it is completely meant to save the energy and optimizing the use of natural light that saves the budget too. It is the large living space that become the socializing spot with large counter parts the dining and living room altogether.

Architecture Neutral Kitchen Renovation Painting With Vintage Wooden Interior Set For Large Space Design A Home with Renovation and Its Upgraded Look

Siding less interior is truly helpful to achieve a perfect and wider interior ambience just like the living space mentioned above. Providing great cooking experience is the kitchen with spacious moving space and extended dining room leading to the yard aside the house. I think the designer has consider the very possible thing to invite more people to the house, and the spot beneath the stairs is a comfortable spot to enjoy the dinner menu.

Architecture Simple White Bedroom Renovation Combined With Traditional Brown Interior Set Accent Plus Drum Table Lamps Decor A Home with Renovation and Its Upgraded Look

The bedroom itself is also designed to be a space saver with super large king size for intimate communication between the inhabitants. Running to the bathroom, it offers sophisticated look with oversized tub, which fits for two, and large counter flooded with natural light.

Again, thanks to the open concept brought to the house that gives perfect new nuance compared to the old dull nasty former house. Encountering to the living room, there are plenty of seating touched with luxury like heaven, and the floor to ceiling glass window leading to enjoy the view with perfect angle.

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