A Hotel with Chronicle Preserved on Every Single Touch

A Hotel with Chronicle Preserved on Every Single Touch
Hotel Greenery Hotel Nuance With Stunning Dim Backyard Lighting Plus Modern Turquoise Patio Seating Area Furniture A Hotel with Chronicle Preserved on Every Single Touch
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I think, every single hotel throughout the world has special character that becomes the core of the hotel, and it is usually used to distract more guests visiting, and some of them takes target marketing and make guests requests as the heart of the hotel. Different feeling is the nuance of Casas del XVI that strongly maintains the chronical passed by shaping the design up till now.

Gracefully nested in the heart of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, this hotel shoot the mimic of colonist borrowed from the Spanish Colonial. Thanks to Allejandro Marranzini to build this memorial hotel together with 20 villas.

Hotel Natural Hotel Patio Atmosphere With Contemporary Seating Area Set Between Open Hallways Aside A Hotel with Chronicle Preserved on Every Single Touch

It is true that the hotel offers everything that you need in this urban era, but still the villas keeps you hundred years to the past with historical architecture and decoration. All the way you can see can be such rustic or even quirk Spanish European style. As there are 20 villas in total, each of them are designed with distinctive style for unique outlook, and it shares special quirky look for every single season, so you might be surprised with the shifting.

Hotel Traditional Wooden Outdoor Dining Table Set With Turquoise Pads Set Under Greenery Pergola For A Hotel That Preserves Its History A Hotel with Chronicle Preserved on Every Single Touch

Grabbing great moment with friends is perfect in the socializing lounge with double styles blended altogether, so without flying to Europe, this place successfully delivers the feeling of living in the east egg continent. To patrol throughout the hotel, you may find different mix and match for each room, so giving different effort to stay there is possible too.

Deserving a cool place to rest and refresh is best in the yard with pool to soak your body off. Right on the deck surrounding, inviting friends for dinner is a good idea to enjoy the night right beneath the sky with stars. Don’t worry about missing the modern touch because the lounge is perfectly made to feed your urban taste!

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