Astonishing Modern House Looks Like a Work of Origami

Astonishing Modern House Looks Like a Work of Origami
Architecture Monochromatic White Hwa Hun House Combined With Unique Pendant Lamps Set Above Modern Living Room Seating Area By Iroje Khm Des Astonishing Modern House Looks Like a Work of Origami
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Hwa Hun is an amazing house because it looks like a work of origami. Everyone who sees the structure for the first time will be surprised. Some people may consider it very beautiful; while the others think of it as too strange. It’s IROJE KHM Architects who have dared to take any risks for bringing the design into life. They’re aware that their idealistic project will create unpredictable surprises among people.

I personally consider the origami-look house is wonderful. It’s so different from the other houses around it, creating a striking look in the neighborhood. You can discover greater beauty when going inside. Exploring the house will be a memorable experience; one may feel that he or she’s entering a dream. Okay, prepare yourself to find other surprises.

Architecture Natural Rooftop Garden For Modern Hwa Hun House With Artistic Architecture Design Plus Decorative Fixed Windows Astonishing Modern House Looks Like a Work of Origami

Metallic white becomes the main color for the house exterior and interior. It certainly delivers bold modern impression, while making clean look. Some people even get a sense that the origami-look house is sterile of any dirt. The slate floor has awesome gray color; it’s able to combine nicely with the metallic white to create balance and more appealing look. Meanwhile, the furniture pieces come in creative designs, boasting boxy shapes visually arresting.

Architecture Simple Multicolored Outdoor Dining Table Set With Decorative Pond Surrounding Are Designed For Modern Hwa Hun House By Iroje Khm Astonishing Modern House Looks Like a Work of Origami

The architects intentionally make the ceiling to be uneven for resulting in greater uniqueness. The house then also appears like a futuristic sculpture art. You may previously be able to find such structure only in Hollywood fiction movies, so big thanks to the architects who has turned it into reality.

Beautiful greeneries complement the house exterior, so people won’t think of it as an alien spacecraft. Relaxing, enjoying snacks and reading books are enjoyable activities to do there. A person who has opportunity to see the house directly and closely must not forget the experience for a long time.

astonishing modern house boxy furniture pieces exterior with beautiful greeneries futuristic house design gray slate floor idealistic home design metallic white interior and exterior