Brilliant Apartment Bathroom Ideas and Tips for Renters

Brilliant Apartment Bathroom Ideas and Tips for Renters
Apartments Mesmerizing Tiled Flooring Of Apartment Bathroom Ideas Decorated With Oval Sink And Metal Faucet Also Beautiful Drape To Cover Bathub Made Of Porcelain Elements Brilliant Apartment Bathroom Ideas and Tips for Renters
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Today, we will share some great apartment bathroom ideas that will be suitable for apartment renters like you. As we all know, bathroom interior that is not only functional, but also eye-pleasing and relaxing is now considered important. For renters, bathroom remodel usually is a forbidden task to do. However, it does not mean you cannot transform your apartment bathroom from drab to fab. Here are some awesome tips you can do!

Look at those apartment bathroom images showing off interesting interior color scheme. Simply changing bathroom color can make a significant difference. You can start from the bathroom tiles and work from there. Choose colors that complement the tiles—or white. White is always a good choice for quick solution—especially those with warmth in it. You can check it by holding the color swatch up to your skin. If the color makes you look pale, skip it.

Apartments Simple And Minimalist Designed Apartment Bathroom Ideas Equipped With Floating Vanity Made Of Porcelain And Metal Faucet Under Wall Mirror Brilliant Apartment Bathroom Ideas and Tips for Renters

Bathroom lighting also can give a whole different transformation for your lavatory. Go for light bulbs that can provide you the warmth, especially if you go for CFL light bulbs—it is your apartment bathroom, not your office one! You can also update the light fixture without having to wire new ones. Plug in light fixtures are a practical lighting solution you can have. Alternatively, add decorations such as lampshade to cover the ugly light fixtures already installed to your bathroom ceiling.

Apartments Small Space Of Apartment Bathroom Ideas Featured With White Painted Vanity Which Is Decorated With Marble Countertop And Circular Shaped Sink On It Brilliant Apartment Bathroom Ideas and Tips for Renters

Last but not least, remember that bathroom cleaning is also an essential step to transform the space. Start by giving your bathroom good scrubbing starting from walls, bathtub, toilet, and tiles. Good wash can vastly improve them. Clean and re-grout the tiles is also a good DIY project to do. And do not forget to pay attention to the smell! What’s the point of beautiful apartment bathroom designs if your smell unpleasantly?

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