Choosing Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles: Faux or Real Varieties?

Choosing Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles: Faux or Real Varieties?
Ideas Modern Hanging Lamp Hung Above Dining Space Installed Near With Traditional Kitchen And Decorated With Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles And Natural Green Plants Above Wall Storage Choosing Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles: Faux or Real Varieties?
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If you want to achieve the more elegant and luxurious look in your interior room, consider installing antique tin ceiling tiles. Luckily, today’s home interior designs pay more attention than ever on the entire design of a room. Therefore, ceilings are no longer being overlooked with just a coat of paint, popcorn ceilings, or light fixtures. When it comes to decorating ceiling space, tin ceiling panels are popular choice as they are truly attractive and can add depth and character.

As you are shopping for antique tin ceiling panels, you will need to choose between faux or real tin tiles. Each one of them has its own pros and cons, which are important to understand well for your antique tin ceiling tiles projects. Faux tin ceiling panels are the more affordable solution for you with greater design possibilities and amazingly similar result to real ones. Even so, they are not suitable if you want to achieve the historically correct remodel look.

Ideas Neat Space Of Living Room That Furnished With Leather Chair And Padded Arm Chairs Enhanced With Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles And Wooden Flooring Concepts Choosing Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles: Faux or Real Varieties?

Unlike real tin tiles, faux ones do not require professional ceiling installation. If you have required knowledge and skill, installing faux tin tiles can be performed yourself, resulting in much more less cost to spend. It is due to prep of the ceiling that is required to use plywood sheets or furring strips before nailing ceiling tiles in place.

Ideas Old Fashioned Kitchen Island Made Of Woods Installed At Traditional Kitchen That Decorated In Minimalist And Traditional Design Also Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles Choosing Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles: Faux or Real Varieties?

Faux tin ceiling tiles such as MirroFlex vacuumed-formed thermoplastic panels offer more design options. There are wide arrays of patterns, including modern and contemporary designs. Apart from that, ceiling panel finishes options provide various ones to match any pattern, including mimicking a variety of metals, wood grains, patinas, or solid colors. On the other hand, real antique tin tiles do help reflecting light throughout the space. However, tin ceiling tiles projects using real ones have limited patterns and finishes options.

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