Decorating Antique Fireplaces for Interior Focal Point

Decorating Antique Fireplaces for Interior Focal Point
Interior Design Remarkable Stone Designed Antique Fireplaces Installed Outside The House With Bricks Wall Pattern And Painted In White Completed With Wood Glass Doors Decorating Antique Fireplaces for Interior Focal Point
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Today, we will take you to see and explore the beauty of luxurious living room designs featuring the amazing antique fireplaces as focal point. These antique living room fireplaces surely know how to improve the interior room while providing warmth and comfort throughout the space. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your fireplace and still have no idea where to start from, these ones surely will worth your time and attention. Check them out!

When it comes to antique fireplace, it is not surprising knowing stone antique fireplaces will be the first that pops in your mind. Antiqueness and natural stone element appears to be a matching pair, especially when it comes to traditional rustic design style for interior room. Even though stacked stone fireplaces do have their own appeal, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the cleaner design. Take a look at this beautiful stone fireplace with antique oak mantel kit for fireplace decoration!

Interior Design Simple Bench Which Is Painted In Red Placed In Contemporary Sitting Space Decorated With Antique Fireplaces And Tiled Floor With Antique Rug Decorating Antique Fireplaces for Interior Focal Point

When decorating your fireplace, fireplace mantel and surround always becomes a great element to be incorporated into your design, aside from complementing the fireplace design itself. You can simply put anything you find perfect to decorate the room on your fireplace mantel. Starting from decorative vases, glassware, to framed photographs or artworks, they will always find their place to shine. For statement making, what about tossing a statement decorative mirror either hanging over mantel or leaning against the wall?

Interior Design Stunning Antique Fireplaces And Wooden Mantel And Remarkable Stone Pattern On It Combined With Wooden Flooring And Linen Stripes Motif On The Wall Decorating Antique Fireplaces for Interior Focal Point

For you who are not really into tossing decorative accessories around your fireplace, you can still make this fixture center of attention by maintaining functionality and practicality. It is now common for living room interior to mount TV over fireplace, although you need to understand both pros and cons of doing so beforehand. You can also leave your fireplace mantel and surround uncluttered yet attractive anyway by adding decorative ornaments on, let’s say, your antique stone fireplace mantels and surrounds.

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