Delos’ Contemporary Penthouse Design Bathed with Luxury

Delos’ Contemporary Penthouse Design Bathed with Luxury
Apartments Luxurious Penthouse Design With Contemporary Black And White Seating Area Set Near Circular Staircase Delos’ Contemporary Penthouse Design Bathed with Luxury
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Hearing by the name, it is always luxury and eternity talking about a penthouse. Only certain people which are capable often asking a penthouse, and it becomes the symbol of the pride rather than simply a home. Everything lavish is what a penthouse has, it avoids plain and cheap detail inside that will reduce its glory! Appearing as en exception is a penthouse with a contemporary style, and you can look the detail below!

Delos completes the exclusive resident right on a street called East 11th street Penthouse. Taking site in the Greenwich Village in New York City, this Penthouse becomes the focal point of the environment with all the exciting look. Living in a town with super wide space to breath inside lets the occupant to come over with large family without worrying of being uncomfortable.

Apartments Luxurious White Penthouse Dining Room Combined With Contemporary Interior Set Near Casement Windows Delos’ Contemporary Penthouse Design Bathed with Luxury

The kitchen is the one that gives the cool affection running from modern appeal with natural awe from the glass screen opening view outside. Plenty of counter space lets the dweller to have the extended table for breakfast nook. Lengthen the step to the side space is the dining room that comes with plenty of background appeal through the glass window. It is the sync feeling that gives perfect touch in the penthouse with hardwood flooring.

Apartments Plain White Living Room With Contemporary Seating Area Set On Oriental Rug For Large Penthouse Design Delos’ Contemporary Penthouse Design Bathed with Luxury

Preparing for the winter after the fall, the carpet adds plush treatment to not catch the cold for the season is sometimes evil! All the bedrooms are set with king bed to relax and talk one another with nature companion waving by the hand on the large window applied. Not only the master one that takes all the magnificent treat in the retreat, but even the kids room is a nice space to navigate and laugh. Even the office, which is the smallest part of the dwelling, gives spacious movement to the occupant to work comfortably like no limit. Awesome!

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