Hardwood Stair Treads Installation Considerations

Hardwood Stair Treads Installation Considerations
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Generally speaking, the hardwood stair treads are installed to complement the staircase design, ensuring that it will be fully functioned and ready for everyday use. Just to make things clearer, stair treads are the part you walk on. On the other hand, stair risers are the vertical pieces located at the back of every stair step. When you install staircase, especially if you do the process yourself, it is likely to find the stair installation varies from job to job.

Stair builders usually consider the stair balustrade as the height of the art. That is probably the reason why hardwood stair treads installation is often covered briefly. For you who plan to work on a stairway with elaborate and fancy stair handrails, it is highly recommended to hire a pro to do the job for you. On the contrary, you can do the job yourself if you plan to work on stair installation with a wall on every side, which is generally much easier to do.

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As you install stair treads and risers on the unfinished stairway, you can benefit from the guts of the stairs that are already built. This way, your only aim is to make your, let’s say, living room staircase look pretty. If the stair treads on your stair design are already rounded over and overhang the stair risers, it is important to build them out before you start installing new treads and risers.

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If you already have unfinished stairs with existing banisters, it hardwood steps are the best bet you can have, no matter how bad the stairs look. If so, it seems to be more reasonable to refinish rather than to replace the steps. You can refinish rather than doing hardwood stair tread installation by sanding them thoroughly first using orbital sander and then use stripper to get rid of any finish the sander probably misses.

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