How to Maintain Your Wooden Stair Treads and Risers

How to Maintain Your Wooden Stair Treads and Risers
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As you may have noticed earlier, it is important to keep your wooden stair treads properly maintained and cleaned. It is because of how it takes only a few years of use before your interior wooden staircases start showing the signs of tear and wear. Horizontal treads are often the ones where the problems start, considering how constant foot traffic can wear off the varnish topcoat, thus exposing the bare wood. It is followed by battered and bruised vertical risers as they are being repeatedly kicked.

When you deal with wooden stair treads and risers maintenance, follow these tips to help you. Start by examining each stair tread carefully and you’re likely to find various degrees of wear, such as the finish that gets completely worn off the steps, especially at the top and bottom of staircase, yet be intact on the stair treads in between.

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If no bare wood shown as the stair-tread finish is intact, you can restore your wooden treads simply with a good cleaning. Pour paint thinner on the thread and lightly scrub using a 000-grade steel-wool pad. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves beforehand. Dry the tread using white cotton cloth. However, if the varnish finish already wears off the tread, refinishing the treads is urgently required. Use an 80-grit disc and a random orbital sander to sand the tread down to its bare wood. Regularly vacuum the tread of all sanding dust and continue sanding using 100-grit disc.

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The similar maintenance process is also applicable as you deal with your stair risers. The spot where maintenance required is the vertical risers that do get beaten up, although they aren’t stepped on. However, as you sand the risers make sure you use a quarter-sheet orbital sander instead of the random one for easier control. Now you are ready to rejuvenate your wood stair treads and risers yourself!

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