Johnston Architect with the Contemporary Mountain House

Johnston Architect with the Contemporary Mountain House
Architecture Simple Black Seating Area Set On Clean Flooring In Front Of Large Windows For Modern Mountain Home Designed By Jhonston Johnston Architect with the Contemporary Mountain House
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Talking about a house, it means the space where people raise their family, and for family seven, it needs wider space to live at. However, after saturated with space problem, it leads to creative arrangement juggling the footage for efficient use. Even in the hardest space, there is always a way to build a house for large family on the mountain. The rustic look of the exterior makes difference to the interior which is composed with so many technology including solar panels as well as base camp. Johnston Architect Proudly presents the house in Ronald, Washington, USA.

Summer in the house is hotter for the occupant to always spend the time right on the spacious outdoor pool with shower to rinse after done. Even the siding and element is much more like log cabin, the large windows throughout the house enhance every single corner with natural light. Except the bright interior gained, the solar panel is always ready to catch even more to save the cost of maintenance. In almost every room of the retreat is enriched with mountainous view as well as the forest, so there is no time missing the natural awe. With delighting model of into one dining and kitchen design, it allows the space used for another room. through the walkways leading from one building to another, the occupant could be still able to mesmerize the natural view although it is covered. With all the plush added into it, it is a nice camp itself and comfortable as log cabin.

Architecture Under Brown Stoned Floating Vanity Rustic Rattan Bucket Set Beside Glass Door For Modern Mountain Bathroom Home Design Johnston Architect with the Contemporary Mountain House

Plenty of choices to enjoy the home as the bonfire outside always blazes the flame up, and the teather inside keeps playing the movie. Missing sport time, the billiard table in the interior is always welcoming for the inhabitant to hold the stick. The personal library is another solution to open the mind with natural background surrounding!

Architecture Unique Ceiling Fan Set Above Modern Living Room Seating Area Plus Large Windows Surrounding By Jhonston Design Johnston Architect with the Contemporary Mountain House
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