Magical Chalet Presenting Old World and Modern Qualities

Magical Chalet Presenting Old World and Modern Qualities
Architecture Long Swiss Chalet Hallway With Wood Burning Storage And Stoned Wall Textured Architecture Plus Dim Lighting By Paul Bowyer Idea Magical Chalet Presenting Old World and Modern Qualities
Architecture Categoriez,May 29th 2017. 11:27:14 AMby Maja Borna Janja

This chalet is a real site that you can find in Switzerland; it’s not something from a fairy tale or dream country. Paul Bowyer is the main person behind the magical chalet. He has designed and developed the structure creatively by combining old world components and modern touches.

The Swiss chalet offers two impressive aspects: old world and new world. All guests enjoy everything they see inside and outside. People from other countries are even willing to spend a lot of money in order to see the chalet directly by themselves. Large glass windows create very welcoming look, there’s also wood paneling which evokes warm feel. The modern components make everyone has no hesitation at all to come and meet the owners.

Architecture Lovely Swiss Chalet Architecture With Sophisticated Interior Set Plus Decorative Crystal Dining Chandelier Decor By Paul Bowyer Design Magical Chalet Presenting Old World and Modern Qualities

Stone exterior walls give bold old world quality to the chalet. It appears like an ancient castle if you look at it from the outside, but you will find fascinating hotel atmosphere when entering the interior. I’m sure exploring the structure can be a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone. Elegant furniture pieces perfectly complement the interior; they’re placed in a nice organization to avoid distracting look. The pieces interestingly don’t look plain at the same time. Paul Bowyer has truly designed the chalet in a classy way.

Architecture Lovely Swiss Chalet By Paul Bowyer Design Combined With Modern Sectional Sofa Plus Decorative Round Fire Pit Table Magical Chalet Presenting Old World and Modern Qualities

Meanwhile, various lightings bring brightness and life into the chalet. They include chandeliers, recessed lights, wall-mount lamps and candles. Natural light can even come optimally into the interior through the large glass windows. The exterior also features amazing lightings, they make the chalet still looks inviting even at night. You’re very lucky if you have an opportunity to visit and explore the chalet. Enjoy every single moment you get there. Don’t move too quickly from one area to another, so that the great beauty will go deeply into your memory.

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