Magnificent Residence in Los Angeles by Apel Design

Magnificent Residence in Los Angeles by Apel Design
Apartments Stunning Black And White Los Angeles Residence By Apel With Modern Seating Area Set Under Big Staircase Faced Large Windows Magnificent Residence in Los Angeles by Apel Design
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Remember, once you visit Los Angeles, California, you will find a house with all the distraction that will catch you attention more than once! The outlook of the house is truly amazing with all geometrical sense applied just like a museum. Thanks to the Apel design that establishes a wonderful architectural house to delight eyes and exhibit masterpiece.

Spacious and roomy may becomes the first impression of entering the house with all the square element and angles to see outside. Showing perfect rectangle shape is the kitchen with island keeping away in distance for purpose. The dining room table is bathed with color to stand apart from the kitchen as well of eye attraction.

Apartments Stunning Los Angeles Residence Created By Apel Design With Modern Architecture And Wood Interior Accent Plus Natural Garden Surround Magnificent Residence in Los Angeles by Apel Design

Sitting opposite to the island, this dining space stands and extends to the outside to let the all guests visiting enjoy the menu comfortably. In addition, the design of the yard before the house is the magic one that keeps people around without ringing the bell because it is so comfortable outside. It gives enough exhibition of the house from the outdoor that keeps the privacy inside calmly. The deck applied is no difference from the house, all are about exciting product from Apel Design.

Apartments Stunning Recessed Lighting Illuminate Modern Los Angeles Residence Kitchen With High Gloss Black And White Interior Set Magnificent Residence in Los Angeles by Apel Design

To fresh the mind and body altogether, it is better to run backyard that offers magnificent space to hang out with some seatings and a large pool aside. Plenty of rooms are available in the home, and each room could function as the mini dwelling for the occupant.

You can believe how the architect works accurately to make all the room symmetrical from inside to outside. It senses the feeling of well organized, tidy and similar to outside, so the feeling is just wonderful! Enriched with dew every morning, it becomes more intimate to spend the time with a cup of tea outside!

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