Opulent Vacation House with Ocean View

Opulent Vacation House with Ocean View
Hotel Modern House In Puerto Vallarta Design With Vintage White Wooden Interior Set Near Glass Bifold Doors Plus Great Ocean View Opulent Vacation House with Ocean View
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An ocean house is often related with luxury and high living. Those attributes are represented very well in this Puerto Vallarta House. The house doesn’t only offer mesmerizing ocean view, but also great house interior as well. This private vacation house will be described in this post through several photos. Take a look!

The outdoor space of the house is designed to enjoy the ocean pleasantly. It has large concrete pavement and some cozy spots. In the far end, the deck is completed with three dining sets with parasols. Meanwhile, another spot offers a round space with beach chairs surrounding a concrete fire pit. Behind the house, a pergola is set with an outdoor bar. In front of the bar table, two wooden outdoor sofas are collaborated with two low wooden tables.

Hotel Vintage Wooden Dining Table Set In Front Of Big Cabinet With Stunning Lighting For Puerto Vallarta House Plus Great Ocean View Opulent Vacation House with Ocean View

Continue to the inside, white living rooms set will greet us. The white sectional sofa looks very lovely matched with the white cushioned table. The cool white furniture is set on a luxury geometric rug as well. An industrial dining set with a veneer top table and white metal chairs is presented in the corner.

Hotel White Textured Bathroom Design With Country Interior Set Plus Great Ocean View In Puerto Vallarta Opulent Vacation House with Ocean View

Another living area promotes great wood wall arts and wood storage units. A unique metal chandelier on the ceiling gives artistic illumination. Four hardwood chairs with white seats and a round mahogany table become a very admirable sitting area. The concrete floor plan in this area has a pelt rug to beautify it.

This vacation house has a master bedroom that makes the most of the ocean view. It has a large sliding door that can be opened wide to give full sea view. The bedroom also uses coastal theme in the decoration. It can be seen from the sandy brown palettes and exotic wood furniture. Outside the bedroom door, a small deck is so enjoyable with wood folding chairs and chaise lounges.

coastal theme concrete fire pit hardwood chairs large sliding door low wooden tables ocean view outdoor bar