Queens: Exceptional House Boasting Stylish Interior

Queens: Exceptional House Boasting Stylish Interior
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When you visit a house named Queens, you will be surprised by the stunning appearance. The dwelling is different from the buildings around it. There are inviting walkways in the front yard garden for taking you to the entry door. The house has an exceptional quality which makes you unwilling to close eyes, even for a minute. Every part presents great attraction.

Queens is a successful architectural work from Cambuild, a home builder based in Perth. The firm specializes in designing and building custom houses. The Queens interior is not less attractive than the exterior. When coming inside, you’ll be greeted by warm dark wooden floor tiles. Although the flooring is dark, they have been perfectly polished for shining look. They’re also able to combine with white walls stylishly and result in a cool contrast. Another best part of the interior is an arched walkway you can find in front of the entry door.

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Stairs that lead to the second floor is also made of the same dark wood. They create harmonious nuance in the interior. Another material that delivers warmth is brick, but you can only see it outside. When a person is already inside, he or she may not realize that the house is actually surrounded by exterior red brick walls.

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The large kitchen can accommodate a luxurious gray granite island. There’s enough space in the room for a big family to cook together. Standing in front of the kitchen island is a round wooden table with dark gray chairs for enjoying meals comfortably. The cozy living room is just adjacent to the dining space, but there’s no any wall that separates them. Meanwhile, every bedroom offers luxury with its expensive king-size bed featuring white tufted headboard. Perfect lighting makes the room feel more special. Neighbors must consider the Queens owners as lucky people.

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