Smart Small Space Optimization by Avenue Residence

Smart Small Space Optimization by Avenue Residence
Apartments Simple Bathroom Design By Cristian Rice Architecture With Awesome White Interior Set And Lighting Smart Small Space Optimization by Avenue Residence
Apartments Categoriez,December 16th 2016. 13:25:26 PMby Maja Borna Janja

Nowadays, having a home with small space is not an issue anymore. With plenty of creative space optimization idea, you can easily make the most of your narrow home spaces. This Avenue residence has shown great optimization idea. Designed by Christian Rice architects, this house promotes gorgeous visual interest even with small space interior.

The front loo of this house displays warm brick exterior wall with a little bit modern touches. The large white windows and white folding doors expose the interior and make the house appear bigger. A small space in front of the house looks cozy with a recliner chair. Meanwhile, the small front yard has perfect landscape too. The presence of brown brick fence also enhances the front look of this house.

Apartments Small Loft Space Is Designed With Narrow Staircase Set Near French Windows Plus Artistic Pendant Lamp Decor Smart Small Space Optimization by Avenue Residence

Through the luxury sliding door, we enter this dazzling living room. If you look above, the white coffered ceiling has luxury recessed lights. In the far end, the wall is customized by adding recessed wall shelves, a mounted TV, and a mounted gas fireplace under it. The owner chose simple furniture set considering the lack of space this living room has. It only consists of a simple white sofa and a square table with granite top and black iron table frame. To expand the space, the white sliding door can be wide opened as well.

Apartments Wide Coffered Ceiling With Recessed Lighting Set Over Cool Living Room Seating Area Interior Plus Black Fireplace Smart Small Space Optimization by Avenue Residence

Further, this residence serves another great small space optimization in the master bedroom. This simple bedroom promotes alluring slanted ceiling with white plasterboard. To keep it simple, the bedroom only consists of a bed, a bedroom bench, and two bedside tables. The elegant canopy bed has black canopy with white sheer curtains. Next to this cool canopy bed, a tuft cushioned bedroom bench is seen as well. Additionally, two oval bedside tables with glass tops enhance the small bedroom set.

avenue residence coffered ceiling exterior brick exterior wall mounted gas fireplace oval bedside tables simple furniture set small bedroom set