Stylish White Loft Features Historic Large Arch Windows

Stylish White Loft Features Historic Large Arch Windows
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MSI building is a historic building in NoHo, it has existed since the late 19th century. According to history, a large bank robbery has ever occurred in the building. Today, MSI building transforms into one of the best loft buildings you can find in Manhattan. Renovation retains noticeable old parts, but it also updates the living space with contemporary touches. The result is a stylish and comfortable loft for modern people.

Old large arch windows frame the loft wonderfully while letting in bright sunlight and giving perfect view of the street outside. Lovely white marble floor creates clean and spacious look in the living space. A modern fireplace eliminates stark nuance with its warmth. Sofa and chairs set in front of it are comfy pieces to relax and read books during morning time. There’s also a three-level round glass coffee table in the area.

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The kitchen appears so inviting; it presents a luxurious marble island for cooking and enjoying meals. White cabinets hung on a wall are not less luxurious because they come from Italy. Meanwhile, the kitchen appliances are the products from Gaggenau – a German manufacturer which produces high quality home appliances. There are two bedrooms in the loft; each amazingly features a beautiful built-in bathroom. The master bedroom is treated in a more special way; it accommodates a cool gray bed overlooking a large arch window.

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Large windows don’t make the loft to have lack of safety. You need to know that each of them has been added with Sunshield solar film, it’s able to ensure protection and insulation. As I have said above, noticeable historic details are retained. They include a black entrance with its carved door jamb and white panels of the arch windows. I consider the loft as a spectacular package which combines old and new.

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