The Outstanding Masterpiece of Botucatu Architectural House

The Outstanding Masterpiece of Botucatu Architectural House
Architecture Stunning Botucatu House Lighting With Comfy Sunbeds For Patio Seating Set Beside High Glass Wall The Outstanding Masterpiece of Botucatu Architectural House
Architecture Categoriez,December 07th 2016. 20:25:54 PMby Aksyonov Emil

It must be common to see houses with the quirky style that you can easily find throughout the world, but sometimes you might find a completely different house design that is far from the usual one. A modern house of Botucatu is the example of modern retreat, which is designed, in simple style, and it mostly doesn’t look like a house but a glass box! If you did have visited a museum, you can recognize this design immediately!

This Botucatu house is the masterpiece of FGMF Arquitetos with its astounding architectural structure. The super large ceiling extended from interior to exterior is the unique element brought by the architect. The space inside the home should be spacious with open plan concept, and the wide floor to ceiling glass siding gives another plush to enjoy every single corner of the interior from the outside. Mesmerizing the soothing vibe is available for the neighborhood both day and night, and even the street is allowed to enjoy the joy of having glass retreat with modern design.

Architecture Stunning White Recessed Lighting For Amazing Botucatu House With Pillars Surrounding Plus Modern Patio Design The Outstanding Masterpiece of Botucatu Architectural House

I wonder whether people passing by on the street know that Botucatu is a house or not, but I think they have different thought instead. In addition, you might be surprised by the distinctive style of luxurious backside than the front, and it becomes the reason why the back house is the one mostly exposed on the pictures.

Architecture The Botucatu House Stands As An Architecture Masterpiece With Contemporary Seating Area Set Under High Loft The Outstanding Masterpiece of Botucatu Architectural House

With a large pool design, to lounge with some friends must be interesting in this dazzling home whether to catch the sunlight or hide beneath the shady canopy. Writing the storyline to the house is the walkway started from the poolside overlooking the water to the house entrance doorway. As I mentioned before, the pool deck is the coolest spot to socialize with its spacious patio deck and plenty of seating to nerd with others. I think, the interior is more than just luxurious!

adorable modern house botucatu house glass house idea house by FGMF arquitetos House Design house like museum house with architectural structure