Traditional French Country Kitchen with High Quality Hardwood

Traditional French Country Kitchen with High Quality Hardwood
Kitchen Shiny French Country Kitchen Picture Exposing Glossy Marble Countertop Island Close To Teak Table And Bright Cabinets Illuminated By Circular Lamps Traditional French Country Kitchen with High Quality Hardwood
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You will find the best combination of solid wooden wall with high quality wooden furniture inside French country kitchen. It is because this traditional cooking room is definitely popular with those hardwood items to bring back such a nostalgic touch into your living space. Actually, the function of the country cooking room is just the same with other styled kitchen. What makes it different is found on the decoration. In fact, there are several typical elements that easily to recognize anytime you are entering this French village kitchen.

First element is the application of neutral hues. Those hues consist of brown, white, cream, ivory, grey, black and some combinations of those tones. This neutral color is typically applied as backdrop color on the wall, cabinet or furniture color and appliances and utensils. Second element which is typically found on the French country kitchen design is hardwood. The existence of hardwood is important in every French country cooking room. No matter how large of hardwood scale found inside the kitchen, it is a must to involve the wood to complete the appearance of the kitchen as well.

Kitchen Shipshape High Chairs Kitchen Table For French Country Kitchen Design With Silver Faucets Near Hood Range Illuminated By Ceiling Lamps Traditional French Country Kitchen with High Quality Hardwood

The third element which is commonly found in the French kitchen is French window. Yeah, as we all know, the French window is designed specifically with square framed combined with glass covering the window panel. Some French windows and door are constructed with arch shape installed on the top.

Kitchen Simple Wall Cabinets Feat Silver Fridge Standing By Dark Island In French Country Kitchen Completed By Dark Stools Under Hanger Utensils Traditional French Country Kitchen with High Quality Hardwood

Usually, the arched door and windows are decided as part of decorative touches to make the French windows and door gorgeous and elegant. To make these parts of house building more interesting, some homeowners prefer to add valances as decoration. Well, now, let’s turn into the furniture collection. As like other hardwood items found inside the kitchen, the French country kitchen cabinets and island are purposely embellished stylishly with engraved detail carved over the surface.

Application of Neutral Hues Best Combination of Solid Wooden Wall Country Cooking Room French Village Kitchen Hardwood Items High Quality Wooden Furniture Nostalgic Touch